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Whether you need training in current guidelines, editorial advice on difficult projects, advice on good practice and how to get the best out of young contributors, or simply an independent eye on your production then I can help.

Alison Cresswell


HND in Child Protection

Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama

Technical stage Management & TV Production

University of Leicester

Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons) Combined Arts
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ACE consultancy is supplied by Alison Cresswell - former Senior Advisor to the BBC on Working with Children.

I am an experienced TV and theatre producer and former BBC specialist in Working with Children.  I provide training, consultancy and expertise in all matters related to working with under-18’s in the media, whether that be theatre, television, advertising, live events or film productions.

Working with children is bound by a number of laws and regulations that you ignore at your peril when in production! 


With 30 years experience working in television, radio, theatre and live events, there isn't much I haven't had to deal with. My role is to facilitate productions, ensuring that the complex rules regarding working with young people are adhered to, but just as importantly ensuring that the production does not suffer as a result of ignoring those regulations. 

After many years as a TV producer, working mainly in childrens’ programming, a new role was created specially for me as the BBC’s Working with Children Senior Advisor. As such I was responsible for the smooth running of many productions involving children.  This role included training producers and other production staff involved in working with under-18’s, and working closely myself with hundreds of children and adults to ensure a safe and creative environment for all involved.

I developed and delivered training across the BBC around child protection policy and good practice, advising productions based on my vast knowledge of the issues they might have to deal with.

At the BBC, I worked on a number of a cross media working groups around Government changes to licensing legislation and have worked with a number of non BBC organisations to share knowledge across the creative and charity sector.


For a list of my production credits click here: CREDITS 

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