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Child performance legislation nationwide requires that a child performing, rehearsing for a performance, taking part in an activity or staying in accommodation in order to take part in a performance must be supervised at all times by a chaperone unless under direct supervision from a parent or teacher

I can assist productions in understanding the requirement of a chaperone on each project, help write guidance and ensure that all legislation is covered. I can assist in sourcing the most appropriate chaperones for the job and work with those chaperones to get the best for production as part of any on going consultation work.


Filming in Kenya
BBC Childrens
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BBC Roadshow
Live Roadshow
BBC Studio Productions
BBC Radio Roadshow
Comic Relief
Live & Kicking, BBC
Comic Relief
Filming on location
Live concert
BBC Childrens
Kenya for Comic Relief
Filming with Children in Kenya
On location in Kenya
Kenya for Comic Relief
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