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To get the best out of the children, whatever your project, use ACE (Children)

How can we responsibly film a drama scene where a child has to be beaten and locked in a cupboard?
What do you need to think about if you want to film with children abroad?
Is your event safe for the members of the public and the children that will be visiting?

I can help with all of these queries and more. As soon as any project is green lit and you know that under 18s are involved, it is vital to think ahead to the relevant issues and this is where I can save you time, expense and potential problems during production.


I can provide editorial advice on difficult issues, help create processes and policies to support production, advise on any legal responsibilities necessary and be a support throughout

If necessary I am available to visit studio or location to check on proceedings and ensure that everything is in place to protect both the children and staff involved

Each project has different and specific requirements and I am able to give one off advice or support throughout depending on what's necessary

Once you know you are working with under 18s, get in touch.

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